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Spacious, 4 bed villa with large sunbathing terrace and a large Swimming Pool

Villa Zeugma is situated within a 10 minute walk of the beautiful town of Kalkan and only 50 metres from the sea. It comprises of 4 bedrooms, all with en-suite wet rooms and air conditioning. The master bedroom has a jacuzzi. The villa sleeps 8/10 people, ideally suitable for families or seperate couples as the villa has seperate living quarters from the main house.

The villa is divided into two parts the main villa has 2 double bedrooms and a large living and dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Seperate from the main villa are the Roman rooms which comprise of 1 double bedroom, a large twin room and a fully equiped kitchen. All rooms have uninterupted views of the sea.

There is a large infinity swimming pool with overflowing water into a plunge pool, and a large sunbathing terrace fully equiped with sun loungers and parasoles, and various comfortable seating areas to enjoy the beautiful views and take time to watch the magnificent sunsets. There are breathtaking sea views of Kalkan harbour and bay from all rooms. The bedrooms have balconies with tables and chairs for enjoying the sun and the beautiful gardens surrounding the villa.

The villa boasts of two terraces, a pool area and sweeping stairs that take you to the sun lounge terrace where you can relax reading a book or watching the water sports and boats go by.